1. ghscard

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1.1. Summary

ghscard is a JavaScript widget to generate interactive GitHub user/repository/organization cards for static web pages (like GitHub pages/Read the Docs).

2. Quick Start

2.1. Generate card data files

Execute ghscard gen command to generate a GitHub user/organization/repository card data file.

$ ghscard gen thombashi -o data
[INFO] ghscard gen: written user data to 'data/thombashi.json'
$ ghscard gen Microsoft/TypeScript -o data
[INFO] ghscard gen: written repository data to 'data/Microsoft_TypeScript.json'

2.2. Add widget to an HTML file

<!doctype html>
    <table border="0">
                <div class='ghscard' src='data/thombashi.json'></div>
                <div class="ghscard" src="data/Microsoft_TypeScript.json"></div>

    <script src='//cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/thombashi/ghscard@master/dist/ghscard.min.js'></script>

The above HTML rendered as follows:

Click to navigate to the HTML page

2.2.1. CDN

4. CLI Tool Installation

Install ghscard CLI tool from PyPI via pip (Python package manager) command.

pip install ghscard

5. Dependencies

5.1. CLI Tool Dependencies